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Ciudad Perdidad

La Ciudad Perdida (The Lost City)

La Ciudad Perdida (The Lost City)

This 4-6 day trek is considered an advanced hike into the jungle to see the sacred indigenous site of the Lost City; only discovered by outsiders in the 1970s.  To access the spectacular panoramic views of the Lost City, one must first trek steep trails (no switchbacks here), wade over rivers, spot multiple cascading waterfalls, visit an indigenous village, and climb over 1,000 ancient stone steps.  Marvel at the view and your accomplishment while keeping in mind that only 10% of the Lost City has been excavated!  Kogis and Aruachos (two local indigenous groups) have said that they used the site long before its discovery for spiritual rituals and that there are many more like it hidden in the jungle of the Sierra Nevada.  Tours can be booked through our reception.  Our biggest piece of advice: bring bug spray!  You can thank us later.

Cost: Around 1,000,000 pesos per all inclusive tour

What to bring: BUG SPRAY, long hiking pants, plastic bags to keep things dry